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04 January 2011 @ 01:36 am
Does the price stated include shipping and postage?
All prices stated on our site include shipping from our suppliers (in Korea or Japan) to us. Unless you live outside of Singapore, there will not be any additional shipping charge, unless something unexpected arises.

We function mainly by meetups, so the price stated does not include postage. If you really need us to mail your item to you, please let us know beforehand as some items cannot be mailed. Additionally, we'll have to advise you on the postage costs, which will be fully borne by you.

Can you order my items for me first? I'll pay you when I collect them.
No. We will not make exceptions for anyone, as all payments have to be made before we order your items. We do not usually have in-stocks, and we keep our costs low because of this, so we will not place your order with our supplier if payment is not made.

I'm going overseas. Can you keep my items for me until I'm back?
Sure, we're able to keep your items for you as long as you let us know beforehand and it's a reasonable request.

Are there posters for _______ album?
If there are posters for a particular album, it will be stated and you will be able to opt for it if you wish. If there is no poster option stated , it means that there are no posters available for the particular album.

Can I know your supply rates?
We're a supplier for various parties, but please do note that our supply rates vary according to quantity and frequency of orders. Your cooperation is vital, so please let us know what you'd like to order so that we can quote you a price. We'll do our best to be fair.